Sick Day Essentials You Need to Start Feeling Better Fast

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The season for sickness is upon us. With the cold weather and holiday gatherings comes more germs and a greater chance of catching a nasty bug. Hopefully you will be the lucky one and not have to worry about getting sick, but if you do happen to catch an illness and find yourself laid up at home we have a few tips and tricks that can help pass your time and get you feeling back to your normal self in no time.


We know that taking a sick day from work, school or just everyday life is hard but rest is honestly the best medicine. Make sure you take the time you need to rest and heal. If you neglect your rest you may expose others to your illness or worsen yourself which will lead you to needed much more rest. 


Warm Bath/Steam Shower

If you are feeling under the weather a nice warm bath or shower can help clear your head. Add in some epsom salt or essential oils and let the steam do its magic. Lukewarm water is best so you do not overheat or become dizzy. Also make sure you stay warm after getting out of the bath. 


Chicken Soup

Call your mom and have her make her famous chicken soup, or order takeout soup. Real chicken soup is perfect for when you are under the weather. The warm broth can help take the chill out, and the added protein and vitamins from the chicken and vegetables will all help to fill you up while aiding in your healing.

Create your Nest

Gather up all the things you need and take a seat somewhere comfortable. Include a warm cozy blanket, pillow, a big water bottle, your phone, the remote, a good book, antibacterial hand sanitizer, kleenex and a small garbage can. Having all these items in one spot will allow you to rest and stay all cozed in. 


If you have a cold sometimes reading is a great option but it isn’t always relaxing if you are dozing off, sneezing or watering eyes. Find a show to binge watch and don’t feel guilty about it. Taking some time to rest and not worry about everyday life is earned, especially when you are sick. 

Being sick is never fun. Following these steps will hopefully have you back to feeling like yourself in no time. Remember also to be sure you wash and disinfect your home so you do not pass it onto other family and friends. 

Here at The Regency at Johns Creek Walk we strive to give you the luxury living experience you need to be able to focus your extra time on your own well being. 

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