Apartment Hacks: Bathroom Decorating Made Easy

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Although your luxury apartment features a beautiful bathroom, there are a few things you can do to spice it up and make it really feel like your own. Adding your own touches on your space, even a smaller space like the bathroom, can make all the difference in turning your living space from a house into your home. 

Cabinet Organization Made Simple

Let’s be real, storage is always an issue in the bathroom. The Cabinet Store has some great cabinet and under the sink storage options that will help you utilize your space to its fullest. Stackable storage can be your best option in larger spaces so you are able to utilize it best. Also having your everyday items, such as toothpaste, hair brushes and deodorant accessible and in the same spot will help with the flow of everyday life.

Linens & Things

Towels don’t have to be boring. A good quality towel will leave you dried off in no time but can also be what you like. If you like color, add some to your bathroom by choosing some bright towel sets, if you like a more chic look choose some that are bright white with a hint of pattern or color. Also you don’t need an overwhelming amount of towels because you are able to launder them right in your home so don’t waste too much space for towel storage. If you need more towel hooks, there are some great ones made by Command Company that won’t put any holes in the wall. Adding a hook behind the door can be an easy, space saver too. 

Adding Your Personal Touches

Making this space feel like yours is the goal so add in some art work that you enjoy. Don’t always look in the bath section for your rug either, find a fun rug design to fit the space. Your shower curtain can be a statement piece or you can go for a more neutral color so if you choose to change out other decor it will still match. 

Fresh plants can breathe life into your space, look for ones that do not need a lot of sunlight and can handle the humidity. Fresh flowers can add a nice touch too and be a simple way to change things out with the seasons. 

Floating shelves are something that can help with organization and also add to your space. Be sure to check with your apartment manager before hanging. Starting them up high and working down can help fill the space. Some items you can add to your shelves would be folded or rolled towels, extra toilet paper rolls, a small picture, a clock, mason jars with cotton balls or Q-tips and more. Get creative and make this bathroom yours.

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